in this essay I will present the ways in which the power of conflict is displayed within two poems, the poems that I have selected to write about are ‘The émigrée’ by Carol Reumens and ‘Kamikaze’ by Beatrice Garland. The poem ‘The emigrée’ by Carol Reumens is based on a woman who recalls everything she […]

This essay aims to show how Mumbai specifically Annawadi is seen through the eyes of the three main protagonists Abdul, Asha and Sunil.  Abdul is a rubbish sorter who buys trash and sells it for a profit compared to other people in the slum Abdul and his family live a relatively easy life, Asha is […]

He was well built, carried his left shoulder higher than the right and had a way of lowering his head to one side as if to allow his face and eyes quick protection should anyone throw a sudden punch. ‘And to top it all, Johnny lad we had to leave a load of drink on […]

History. 30/09/15 I can learn from this source that Henry ford focused not only on the amount of money that his business generated but also the customers view on the product and how efficient the product was. From the quote “a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business” I can infer that […]

The grass arena- summary writing. 29/09/15 John Healy is in a bombed house in Highbury in north London. John Healy is not leading an easy life. The story is set in the 1990s John Healy is self conscious Healy meets a friendly face Healy has a realistic view of alcohol and its effects Healy is […]

The story is based on Titus Andronicus Rome’s finest warrior he returns after 10 years of fighting the Goths he captures Tamora, Aaron and Tamoras three sons. Tamoras oldest son is sacrificed by Titus and this infuriates Tamora to the point where she wants to destroy all of Titus’ family this view can be supported […]

setting: The tomb of ANDRONICI. characters: Captain, Titus Andronicus, Lucius and Tamora. Events:  Titus Andronicus has returned to Rome and has captured the barbarous Goths queen Tamora, she tries to contemplate with Titus Andronicus as Titus has given the order to kill Tamoras’ son she tries to tell Titus that he has just lost 25 […]

Setting: the tomb of ANDRONICI Characters: saturninus, bassianus and Marcus Andronicus Events: saturninus and bassianus are debating who should be king and Marcus Andronicus then comes onto the scene and tells them both that Titus Andronicus is fit to be emperor as he is an excellent fighter and they both agree. Themes: explores how 1 […]

Lo: to understand how the writer uses language and structure to present the character of the narrator.   I think he is talking to the audience and he is telling us how he has a disease that has sharpened his senses and he can hear things in heaven, hell and earth.  

In many fiction texts authors use the device of the unreliable narrator to engage the reader. This technique works together with dramatic irony to force the reader to use their own perceptiveness and experience to solve the puzzles in a text.